Horde of the Dragon Queen

Brother Po Writes

Episode 2

Dear Abbot,

I’m sure you must be wondering what happened to me and the Sacred Scrolls of Elemental Enlightement. Do not worry, I am fine as are the scrolls! I know you are bound to tradition and feel that my advancement was too quick, but my heart burns with a desire to attain enlightenment. I do not have time to wait until my eyebrows are as full as yours. So, as soon as I have finished reading the scrolls and attained enlightenment, I will see them returned to you. Have no fear.

Life outside the monestary is so eventful! I have fallen in with a goodly group of common folk. We are working together to earn coin while I study the sacred texts. Who knew simple rice would be so hard to acquire?

We have been performing various tasks in the town of Greenest. I attempted to explain your lessons on elemental harmony to them, but they are even worse students than I am. They would not allow me to give them a practical demonstration. I am attempting to learn patience from this. However, by carefully observing the actions of my companion Sir Magnus and the blue dragon attacking the town, I learned quite a bit about about breathing techniques. This greatly helped me enhance my own Ki cultivation. I am sure it will only be a short time before I have mastered all the techniques.

Benedict is indicating that it is time to attack the dragon cultists now, so I must end this missive. And to think, I would be in class now if I were back in the monestary. I think I’m learning much more here!

Peace and Harmony,
Brother Po


This is marvelous! Brother Po’s missive has inspired his abbot to consider a practicum as part of the training for enlightenment, although he is still greatly angered and disappointed in Brother Po’s actions. You have Inspiration, dear sir.

Brother Po Writes

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